Yoga Burn Program – 2020 Review

If you are a lady and also have tried reducing weight prior to, you recognize how challenging this could be. For one, females’s bodies are different from men’s, as well as will not react in exactly the same fashion. No female that wants to burn fat and tighten up her body wants to be able to raise heavy weights, which is why hitting the fitness center is such an exit ramp.

Yoga Burn Program Review

Yoga Burn is an innovative 12-week program created for ladies who wish to reshape their body, enhance their metabolic rate as well as get that traditional yoga exercise booty. However does it actually get outcomes? And also is it worth the money?

Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray-Cotton (formerly referred to as “Her Yoga Exercise Keys”) is a 12 week program to aid ladies drop weight as well as tighten up “trouble locations.” The program uses Dynamic Sequencing Yoga to create a tighter, toned as well as sexier body without seeing the health club or even leaving your home.

Unlike newfangled physical fitness video clips, this yoga exercise program is created to be dynamic. Rather of repeating the very same half-hour routine everyday, you get 12 weeks of yoga exercises that gradually come to be a lot more hard.

The current rate for Yoga Burn is $67 – which is a deal as you get 12 weeks of routines for less than a single session with an exclusive yoga teacher.

Below’s a pointer though: if most likely to the Yoga Burn internet site as well as see the video, you’ll be used the entire package for simply $37. The link above is the only location to obtain this discount – and also the program likewise comes with a 60-day reimbursement guarantee (so there’s no danger to trying it).


About The Author – That Is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a licensed individual trainer, female body change professional as well as qualified yoga teacher.

I would never rely on a program created by somebody that doesn’t understand what they are doing, which luckily, in this instance, is not so. She is an individual fitness instructor, qualified yoga exercise trainer and a professional female body transformation specialist.

She educates yoga exercise technique for anxiety alleviation, and also for weight management, that makes Yoga Burn regular such a reliable program.

She has actually completed over 15,000 hours of yoga training and also showed 1000s of ladies how to reduce weight. Yoga Burn incorporates her expertise of yoga and women body changes right into an easy-to-follow program.

What Is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is a 12-week dynamic program designed for ladies. Its main objective is to assist you obtain that little tummy and also yoga exercise booty that commonly appear so elusive – however it’s also great for loosening up and also boosting your adaptability.

Zoe suggests finishing three 45-minute yoga classes each week to get the fastest results. Unlike a lot of programs, Yoga Burn is explained as a “calculated, modern strategy … that’s shown to provide outcomes.” That indicates each exercise is customized to YOU as well as YOUR present objectives – you’re not anticipated to go at the very same rate as every person else (like in a class yoga exercise or cardio setup).

The program is split right into 3 stages. Each phase builds on the last to provide faster versatility and calorie melt. The entire program additionally follows the principles of Dynamic Sequencing, which we’ll obtain to later in the evaluation.

Stage 1: Fundamental Flow Phase

As you have actually probably guessed, this phase is all about constructing solid yoga exercise foundations. You’ll find exactly how to boost your flexibility as well as improve your metabolism without going as well fast. This is a fantastic method to learn all the postures required for Yoga Burn while reducing the possibility of injury.

Stage 2: Transitional Circulation Phase

This is where points start to heat up. The transitional phase proceeds to construct your stamina as well as adaptability, yet ramps up the calorie shed. You’ll additionally find out brand-new postures as well as begin to see modifications in your muscular tissue tone.

Phase 3: Proficiency Circulation Phase

This is where the magic occurs. Utilizing the toughness, versatility and also increased metabolic rate from the previous stages, Zoe will certainly push you to burn more calories as well as materialize changes to your body. You’ll discover advanced sequences that lots of people never ever grasp – even after taking common courses for several years!

If you’ve ever before been to a yoga class, you probably seem like development is really slow. This is because the majority of courses don’t build from week to week – you are actually just doing an arbitrary collection of sequences each time and positions.

This is why a lot of people never obtain the body they want from yoga exercise – despite having months of method. The trick to any effective health and fitness program is development and also adaptation – you require to compel your body (and mind) to alter. An unstructured weekly yoga exercise session isn’t helpful for accomplishing that.

The 3 phases in Yoga Burn, according to Zoe, give an attempted as well as checked formula to provide results *.

An additional essential difference is that the Yoga Burn stages begin at your current level. Each phase improves the last, so you can substantially enhance adaptability as well as begin seeing real adjustments to your body as the months take place.


That is Yoga Burn For?

To be fairly straightforward, This need to have the ability to benefit any person, guys included. Nonetheless, knowing the kind of animals men are, they will practically absolutely like to visit the fitness center and also lift weights rather than doing girly yoga exercise workouts.

Does that mean that the program is simple to do? Not at all. Many females (as well as a couple of males) that I know have attempted the program state that it is amongst the most difficult workout programs they have ever tried, most likely owing to the reality that yoga exercise retrains your body to relocate in a more natural method, after years of bad practices.

While there are a great deal more difficult programs around, Yoga Burn can be considered the ideal yoga exercise DVD for newbies, as it makes it extremely easy to remain certified throughout the 12-week system, as you call for no previous experience with yoga exercise exercises. Particularly, if you come under among these groups Yoga Burn is the appropriate selection for you:

If you have actually ever before gazed in awe just how children are able to raise their legs completely to their heads and desire you had that kind of versatility and also core stamina, you can also experience such advantages as early as 12 weeks.

If you need to enhance your flexibility – while at its heart Yoga Burn is a reliable weight management program, yoga is exceptionally effective for enhancing your flexibility. This can aid to ease discomfort that might be created as a result of kind hip extensors or muscular tissues of the reduced back as well as top body, which might hinder regular everyday tasks.

If you have actually never exercised a day in your life – though, this is not excellent, there is no better time than the here and now to begin making an initiative to transform your body. The program is completely very easy as well as beginner-friendly, begins with fundamental yoga exercise, capitalizing on a slow-moving modern technique in boosting difficulty. That suggests every person starts at no and also goes up slowly.

You do not have time – it appears time is the enemy of health and wellness, creating many individuals to drop unwell each year. Luckily, this program is and time-intensive, needing just tree 45 minutes sessions in a week, all done from the convenience of your house. You can additionally add in one additional session weekly, which I use periodically as a method to help in reducing stress, cortisol degrees as well as advertise healing.

Whether you need to shed 3 pounds or 30 extra pounds – as a lady I can indicate that virtually every one of us available would love to shed a couple of pounds, whatever that be simply two, or also approximately 50. No matter, pride and also pity play a big component in us not doing anything as well as just watching in clinical depression as we slowly raise even a lot more. It could be done in your home, so it is a judgment-free.


The Yoga Burn program is specifically attractive for ladies who may have just recently offered birth and still managing the weight gain that may still be noticeable in the post-natal duration.

If needing to care for your child leaves you worn out and also without much time to spare, you will certainly enjoy the truth that Yoga Burn is not time-intensive, and also can be done while your cutie pie naps.

What’s In The Bundle

We such as exactly how Yoga Burn is supplied as both an electronic download (for phones, tablets and also computer systems) and physical DVDs. The Yoga Burn DVD set is sent out quickly after.

Apart from the major yoga exercise program, you likewise obtain a generous collection of totally free incentives to assist you on your body transformation journey. Below’s a malfunction of every little thing that’s included:

Yoga Burn 12-Week Physique Training Course (Online Digital Download And Install & Physical DVDs) – this consists of all three phases for participants, a quick-start course as well as 20 extensive position tutorials. There are 9 workout video clips in complete as well as you’ll repeat each four times prior to moving onto the next phase.

BENEFIT: Standard audio versions of each course to utilize while taking a trip.

BENEFIT: Harmony flow class – an one-of-a-kind collection of sequences for stress and anxiety relief. While serenity flow isn’t mosting likely to burn numerous calories, it’s a great way to loosen up.

BENEFIT: Immersion Neighborhood – an one-of-a-kind fitness community for females only. It offers accessibility to training phone calls, a community for speaking with various other females and also continuous support throughout your journey.

BONUS OFFER: Yoga Burn Regular monthly – an added set of DVDs that offer as an intro to a selection of different sorts of yoga exercise. These include Ashtanga, Hatha, Jundalini, Vinyasa and also corrective yoga exercise.

(Optional) There’s also the option of acquiring a 2nd copy of the training course for a discount. If you desire to adhere to the program at the very same time as a pal, this is terrific.

Taking into consideration the current cost of the Yoga Burn system is just $37, we assume you obtain a lot for your cash. The exercise video clips are additionally top notch and also Zoe is an excellent trainer.

Yoga Burn Advantages And Disadvantages

While I love Yoga Burn and also suggest it to a lot of my ladies and close friends who request my guidance, it will not be for every single individual around. It did assist me drop weight as well as increase flexibility, including its unique set of pros, and possible cons. Below is what I found:


Function for most females – no matter of experience, as well as just how much weight you want to shed Yoga Burn can help bring you closer to your objectives.

Developed by an educated instructor – the instructor, appears extremely knowledgeable of the techniques she instructs and also makes it easy to find out.

It does not require additional investment – this suggests you do not need to spend for gym memberships, fancy clothes, transportation expenditures or a personal trainer. You will, however, require to make much better grocery store shopping options as well as enjoy the calories.

Money-back guarantees – there is a genuine 60-day assurance if you really feel the program is not for you. There is no determined grab for cash, offering you enough time to attempt to program.

Lots of positive Yoga Burn review from pleased users of the program. This social evidence shows that the program functions as long as you apply what you commit the time as well as find out to put in the work.



You need to apply what you found out – at the minimum, the program needs you to devote 45 mins 3 times weekly to practice what you see in the video clips. If you do not do this, undoubtedly the program is not a magic pill.

The first discomfort is usual – if you have actually never ever done yoga exercise in the past, it is expected to feel discomfort after the very first couple of sessions. This is because your body is not accustomed to extending in the methods Yoga Burn video clips will show you. However, the body fasts to learn and this ends up being a non-issue after concerning two weeks.

Will certainly not produce results you expect if you already exercise advanced yoga exercise or solid yoga exercise postures. It is, nonetheless, an excellent beginner yoga program for somebody that has actually been non-active a huge section of their life or if you are now returning into a workout program.

Not always a con, but even more of an obstacle to remember – you need to call in your diet and also nutrition plan. Too often it happens that you may understand a workout strategy, however are not seeing the fat burning objectives you had actually imagined.

Taking a hard check out your nourishment is among the initial things you need to carry out in order to set yourself up for long-term success.

Reducing the number of carbs you consume every day is an excellent starting point, as it causes the body to dig into saved body fat in order to give power.

Eating much healthier omega-3 fats is likewise a fantastic way to promote your body recomposition objectives as well as promote general health while doing so.

What Are The Conveniences Of The Program?

Apart from the three-phase framework, you’re possibly wondering what’s various about Yoga Burn compared to normal courses.

According to the creator, Zoe Bray-Cotton, there are several reasons Yoga Burn is an excellent option for females who wish to reduce weight, tone their body and also boost their metabolic process:

  • The program is made to supply optimal aesthetic results for ladies in the quickest amount of time *. Unlike newfangled celebrity health and fitness videos, Yoga Burn constantly challenges you to boost – which is the only method to achieve genuine body improvements. It additionally targets typical lady problem locations.
  • Yoga Burn series can be changed for your current degree and goals. Each sequence improves the last and can be customized for YOUR capacities, so you will not be required to attempt poses that are either also simple or hard. This is just one of the main advantages of Yoga Burn contrasted to a traditional class.
  • The program ends up being extra hard and also advanced as you get more powerful. This protects against forces and plateaus your body to melt even more calories. You’ll also see faster gains in muscle versatility, tone and also toughness – and also really feel a lot more unwinded as well.
  • The Yoga Burn program can be done at residence to lower stress. In contrast, the Yoga Burn program can be performed at house whenever you have time, so it’s very easy to fit into everyday life.
  • It’s a yoga program particularly for women. Yoga Burn is created for females only, which Zoe discusses is one of the factors why it’s so reliable.

What Is Dynamic Sequencing Yoga Exercise?

In the program, Zoe focuses on workouts that assist you improve your flexibility as well as strength. To do this, you need to carry out the right postures, in the correct sequence, with good form, for the right length of time.

That’s primarily what Dynamic Sequencing Yoga is: sequences of yoga exercise presents, in a specific order, that are made to press you somewhat harder each time, so your body adapts. This prevents plateaus as well as helps you build that ideal womanly shape.

In technique, this is why the training course is divided into 3 unique phases. There are additionally a collection of mentor video clips for each present. Obviously, the program is additionally made to assist you melt calories.

When Can You See Outcomes?

The Yoga Burn system is a 12 week program. Each stage constructs on the last, so you’ll begin to see improved adaptability, toughness and leisure rapidly – although the precise time varies relying on the individual. Zoe likewise describes that the classes improve your metabolic process, help your immune system as well as enhance your focus.

We need to be honest though – this isn’t a “obtain suited 5 mins”- design program. You need to persevere each week for the full 12 weeks. When you begin seeing results, nevertheless, it’s much less complicated to stay encouraged with the program.

Final thoughts ultimately

Listen, when you’ve attempted so many points prior to as well as absolutely nothing appears to function, the only practical thing you can do is to try something new. That program for lots of females is Yoga Burn. Remember, Yoga Burn is excellent for you if:

  • The health club or cardio frightens you; you prefer to work out at house.
  • If you desire a program that takes your hand as well as slowly helps you find out the ropes.
  • Because of muscle mass and also joint aches which you need to not be feeling, you need to improve your muscle tone and flexibility.
  • Wish to lose just 2 pounds, up to 20 as well as a lot more.
  • Would certainly such as a risk-free purchase. You are provided a 60-day money-back assurance, so what’s not to enjoy?

We were expecting the Yoga Burn program to be simply one more newfangled yoga video clip (if you have actually ever bought among those celeb yoga exercise workouts that last 40 mins, you recognize what we suggest!) So we were pleasantly amazed to discover that Zoe’s yoga exercise program has some genuinely unique concepts.

Particularly, we like how the program is developed specifically for women who intend to slim down. This focus, combined with the continuous progression, makes it better for shaping and also toning the women body.

We additionally assume it’s excellent that the program adapts to YOUR existing yoga exercise and physical fitness level – so both intermediates and novices can see results. It additionally has some interesting poses and sequences that are satisfying to finish – plus it’s much easier to fit right into life.

Ultimately, if you stick to the program and integrate it with a healthy diet, you’re likely to see actual modifications to your body. It also has a “60-day no inquiries asked money-back assurance,” so you’ve obtained nothing to shed by trying it.

Girls, if you want an alternative to the gym that you can complete from the convenience of your home, the Yoga Burn system might be the perfect choice. Appreciate the classes!

Where To Obtain The Most Effective Cost?

Yoga Burn For Women can just be purchased from the main site. Its normal cost is $67, yet it’s currently offered at the web link below for simply $37. The program comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee, so you can attempt it for 8 weeks as well as see if you get results.

If you do not like it for any type of reason), we assume the course gives OUTSTANDING worth for this rate (especially with the choice of a refund. It’s additionally a digital download, so you can start your first yoga exercise in just a few minutes time!

Yoga Burn is an ingenious 12-week program designed for women who desire to reshape their body, improve their metabolism and also get that traditional yoga exercise booty. Numerous women (and also a few guys) that I know have actually tried the program state that it is amongst the most difficult exercise programs they have ever attempted, likely owing to the fact that yoga exercise retrains your body to move in a much more natural way, after years of bad practices.

The Yoga Burn program can be done at house to reduce stress. In comparison, the Yoga Burn program can be executed at residence whenever you have time, so it’s simple to fit right into everyday life.

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